PRV Enterprises are from agriculture family and well versed in agric product from Krishnagiri district. We have 50’s of acres for annual lease and 2500 coconut trees for annual rate contract.

PRV Enterprises mainly dealing with coconut products (Husked). The Company can supply fresh coconuts of Indian origin for any demanded products quantity at a competitive rate regularly.
PRV Enterprises is well known for whole sale suppliers and exporters of fresh coconuts and coconut products. We invite the local buyers from all over India. We provide different sizes of coconuts.

  • SMALL- BELOW 500 grams
  • MEDIUM-500 TO 600 grams
  • SUPERIOR-ABOVE 600 grams

    Our standard packing depends upon the buyers demand also we can provide local loads. We invite new buyers. Kindly send your buying demands and feedback.


  • 800 TO 900 bags in 20 feet container [20,000 TO 22500] coconuts
  • 1600 TO 1800 bags in 40 feet container [40,000 TO 45,000] coconuts
  • Due to market fluctuation the rate will be changed frequently


List of our Products

  • WHITE SHELL These coconuts are dehusked on same day for exports.
  • BROWN SHELL These coconuts are dehusked within twenty days against demand.
  • BLACK SHELL These coconuts are dehusked and it takes thirty days against demand